Go Me!

So, as I mentioned, I turned 17 on the 20th of March.

On the weekend that just went by, I saw my dad and had a big family dinner. It was pretty good I guess. I got some pretty cool gifts.

It’s generally been good.

I had to go to the doctors the other night for a checkup. I had a blood test done a few weeks ago and the only thing that showed up was low iron levels. I’ve always had a thing with low iron levels. The doctor advised me to eat more read meat and to take some iron tablets. I’m fine with eating the meat, but I’ve never been able to swallow tablets. Only teeny tiny tic tac sized ones. Mum and I bought some and I had a go at swallowing one last night and somehow managed it. I don’t know how, but I was pretty pleased with myself.

Another exciting thing that happened today was getting my English written piece back. I got an A which really really surprised me!

The last thing I just wanted to say was that I discovered this app called QuizUp. It’s an app with quizzes with hundred of different topics and you can try and beat people from all around the world! It’s really cool! I’d definitely recommend downloading it and trying it out. If you do, please let me know if you like it or I could add you on it!

Hope you’re having a good day :)

- Jacqui

This or That

Hey all!
I love these blog tags. They’re super fun and give me something to do. They also give you a chance to learn more about me, if you’ve really run out of things to do on the internet… :p I was tagged by Tiara.
1. Hair up or down?
I always wear my hair down because in primary school we were forced to have our hair up. This pretty much scarred me for life. So yep, definitely hair up!
2. Dessert or fruit?
I’d definitely have to say dessert, for 2 different reasons. 1 – I actually can’t eat much fruit at all. I tend to get this strange reaction (I’m not lying I’ve been tested!), and 2 – dessert is always so yummmyyy!
3. Dress or shirt and sweatpants?
Shirt and trackies. It’s a no brainer.
4. One Direction or Jonas Brothers?
To be honest I don’t really listen to either of them. Which ever can actually play instruments and don’t use auto-tune, if either of them can/do.
5. Radio or iPod?
I love both. I love to see what people are listening to or talking about, and find out about things that are going on in the world. Although I love listening to my own music…
6. Sleepover at your house or your friends house?
Hmmm, I love going to my friends but I also love the comfort of my own home. I’d probably say my place.
Cookies or Apples?

No Snow or Snow?
I’ve never actually seen snow in my life. I’m going to take a chance and say snow. It looks so pretty! I’d love to make a snow angel and snow man!
Cookies or Cupcakes?
These questions are getting card. I love both. Can’t I just have both :’(
Playing Cards or Painting?
I always played with cards as a kid. It was heaps of fun. I would teach myself magic tricks and build castles! I also love art and painting is so much fun and creative!

In a board game, would you rather be a green piece of a white piece?
I’d say white. White is cool. I’ve never really liked the colour green.
So yeah, they were all the questions. Feel free to answer them yourself! If you do, please leave me a comment so I can check it out :)
- Jacqui!

Weddings Days

Last Saturday my cousin got married!

It was so beautiful! She’s in her late twenties as well as her new husband – so still quite young. She’s Italian and he’s Australian so there was a wide range of people but that only made it even better!

Unfortunately day wasn’t the best weather wise – it was raining throughout the day and at the reception which was outside at a winery under marque. It’s was still so much fun!

I haven’t been very active as I’ve been dealing with my fair share of teen dramas.

I thought I’d share this great song called ‘Rocks’ – by Imagine Dragons. I love it and find it really uplifting and fun to listen to. It’s kind of like a party for your ears if you listen to all the different sounds carefully :)

It’s also my 17th birthday tomorrow so I’m kind of waiting around for that and to see how the day plays out. I’m not too excited right now – it’s kinda weird. I hope this year beats my birthday last year. I’m sure it can. Last year was kind of crap.

Let me know what you think of the song :)

- Jacqui


Bring it on AC/DC!

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 8.54.58 pm

Today while I was listening to music in class, trying to do anything but start my English essay, I felt like listening to some great solo’s.

I found this cool video on YouTube of 100 famous guitar riffs in one take, which I thought was great! I was looking at all of the songs when I came across Back in Black. I’ve always loved this song and decided that I would teach myself.

When I finally got home from school I had a chance to start to play it. So far I’ve got the intro/verse pretty much down pat. Hopefully if I can perfect the song I might record it!

Thank you AC/DC for being so talented!

By the way, the picture I used in this post was one I took of my guitar when I was sitting around and playing the other night.

- Jacqui

Around the World Around the World.

I’ve never been overseas.

I know I’m extremely uneducated when it comes to the world and different cultures, religions and countries.

I know almost nothing about the correct term to call people from other cultures. I hardly know what languages are spoken in other countries. It’s ridiculous. I’ve had a great education in Australia so far, and don’t get me wrong, people here are educated about the world. It just seems that, for some reason, I’ve dodged learning anything related to this topic.

It’d be nice to go around the world and see other places. I definitely want to go to Italy one day because I am half Italian myself and half of my family is from there. It seems like a very chilled out, romantic, beautiful place. I’d love to go with my Nonna so she could show me all of the best places!

Another place would be somewhere in England/ Britain. I honestly don’t even know the difference, but I love the accents! I’m sure the music culture is really cool over there but I do also like the rain. I’ve heard it rains a lot over there and to be honest, I wouldn’t mind.

One more place that springs to mind is multiple places in America. America produces a lot of films, music and talent in general, and we see a lot of American shows are aired in Australia. I think it would really cool to be in the middle of it all. Times Square looks amazing! I’d love to watch broadway shows and check out the art as well.

I have a Spanish friend who all of her life has moved to live in different countries every couple of years. She’s been in Australia for around 4 years which is the longest she’s ever been in one place. She can literally speak like, 5 languages. I’m so jealous of her because she’s been able to see and experience the world. I always ask her about other countries and she tells me stories. I just sit there in awe and think of questions to ask.

One thing she has said that I never actually thought of before she told me was that you could be in Paris and just catch a train to London, for example, and you could be there in a matter of hours. That’s what sucks about Australia. We’re just chilling here in the middle of the ocean and it takes up to days to get anywhere, by plane.

Ah all I want to do is see the world. Am I really asking for so much?

- Jacqui


We really do need to get excited over the little things. It makes our days more lively and worthwhile.

Mum and I quickly dashed up to the shops to grab a few things and I found these. This is definitely the highlight to my Sunday night!


How cute! :o

- Jacqui